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At 17, Shimon recorded and produced the song “Nothing Really Matters” which made Australian radio history.  The song beat over 3,000 entries to take first place in the largest band competition in the history of the country.

The following year, Shimon’s first major release came when his band “Sick Puppies” dropped “Welcome to the Real World” in 2000. Unfortunately the album did not include the bands most popular song at the time, a cover of the famous Destiny’s child song “Say my name”. Shimon arranged a mash up of the famous R&B song with Green days “Brain stew”. Some of the original songwriters believed that the new version was not in keeping with the original sentiment of the song. Therefore Shimon’s cover version was banned WORLDWIDE. He was also instructed to destroy all copies of the song and send confirmation of destruction of said copies.  Somehow it leaked online.

In 2005 Shimon moved to Los Angeles. He signed to the same independent label that brought Bush and No Doubt to prominence. By the end of 2006 however it looked as though Shimon would not share the same destiny as those seminal 90’s bands. “Sick Puppies” had showcased to every major label twice and the band was not picked up. He was told the act was missing something”.

So, after working for nearly 2 straight years, Shimon took a night off and edited a video as a get well card to his friend back in Sydney who had just suffered a loss in the family. He used one of the bands songs “All The Same” as the soundtrack to make what would become the “FREE HUGS” video.

It turns out, what the labels thought was “missing” was the first global Viral video… ever.

The FREE HUGS video became the fastest growing video in the history of

It won the Most Inspirational video of the year at the first Youtube awards.

It inspired thousands of tribute and parody videos from every country in the world in over 50 languages

Shimon appeared on 60 minutes, Jay Leno and The Oprah Winfrey show.

The band was signed a month later to Virgin records.

“Dressed up as life” was released in 2007 and “Tripolar” was released in 2009. Both records were produced by the internationally successful production team Rock Mafia. Shimon toured the world for 5 years with acts including Evanescence, Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, Papa Roach, Sevendust, Deep Purple, Nickelback, Korn, Sound garden, Stone Temple Pilots, 3 Days Grace and Motley Crue.

During this time Shimon was approached by an advertising company to write a song for the historical game “Street Fighter”. Shimon wrote and co produced the song “War” that became the soundtrack for the national advertising campaign. The song also charted in the modern rock format (though it wasn’t released as a single). Instead the band released it’s first single (and first #1)“You’re Going down”. After the success of “War”, WWE used “You’re Going Down” as it’s theme song also.

“Tripolar” went on to have 4 chart topping singles in different formats across the world. The most successful being “Maybe” which was one of the 50 most played songs on radio in 2011 and earned Shimon a BMI award. During this time one of Shimon’s other cuts “That time of year again” was used on CSI and the bands Christmas song “Killing myself for Christmas” was banned from US radio for its controversiality.

“Tripolar” downloaded platinum.

Shimon also appeared with Sick puppies in the documentary “Rock Prophecies”. The award winning film about the life and career of Robert Knight, one of histories most decorated rock photographers. The film follows the band accent to stardom and also features countless musical legends including Slash, Steve Vai, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck and Santana.

The bands 3rd album “Connect” was released in July 2013. The first single off the record “There’s no going back” was co written with Desmond Child and was one of the most anticipated releases in the rock format for 2013

Shimon is working on his first solo record while writing and producing for a variety of pop and dance artists. He works out of Los Angeles and Sydney

Chart Positions, Numbers and Awards

  • 8 Top 10 singles and a #1 on the Modern Rock chart.
  • 5 top 20 singles on the Alternative chart.
  • 1 top 20 on the Top 40/Hot AC charts.
  • Platinum downloads for “Tripolar”.
  • “Most inspirational video of the year” award at the first “Youtube Awards”, for the “Free Hugs” video. 76,000,000 views to
  • date.
  • Writer and Co-Producer of “War” for Street Fighter national television campaign.
  • Writer on “You’re going Down” used for WWE’s “Monday night RAW.”
  • BMI award in 2012 for “Maybe”
  • Shimon was runner up behind Jared Leto for Fuses “Most electrifying front man in the world” award.
  • Bandit Rock Awards “International Breakthrough Award”


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